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Colleen is amazing agent to work with...... Works hard for the buyer!!!! We had a short time to find a home and she made it happen...... She even made the mortgage process so much simpler for us as well by providing us with options that allowed us to close on our home in less than 3 weeks. Excellent realestate agent!!!

by Melissa

Colleen strader was very professional knowledgeable and responsive, She took the time to go the extra yard to insure I viewed and understood all aspects of each house I looked at no mater how far we drove she was there with me, the professionalism was breath taken and refreshing, I would recommend her and have to all my friends at work.

by Mike

Colleen is very prompt and efficient, she always has an answer to any question and if she does not know she will find out. I have had the pleasure of working twice with Colleen, she has both sold a house of mine and helped me find another. She is knowledgeable in our local area and understands the mortgage and closing process. She is very fair and diligent in the negotiation process so please take her advice. I will be working with Colleen in the future for my next buying and selling experience.

by Roy

Colleen went above and beyond for us. In the beginning we sold our condo. With Covid many challenges came, but working with Colleen was an example of not just a great professional for her area of expertise, but a great human being. In a year where you see the worst of people, Colleen was the exact opposite of that. Furthermore, We were defeated in the bidding of our house initially, but Colleen encouraged us to send a last minute letter to the seller before the sale finalized. Had we not done that, we would have lost the house. We then had to hurdle many challenges with several bad water tests in which Colleen personally took care of items on her OWN time. I am beyond thankful to have had her and will be inviting her for a bonfire at our new house before the cold really sets in. WE LOVE COLLEEN ! Erich + Carolyn

by Erich + Carolyn

Flexible under difficult conditions We listed in early April as lots of Covid rules were in place. Colleen was very flexible and understanding while we found creative ways to photograph and give tours of the house before we moved out. Verified by RateMyAgent

by Josh

Becoming a real estate agent is easy! Take the class...pass the test...then find a broker to work for. Therefore, you'll find plenty to choose from. However, there are only a select few real full-time professionals in our Industry. Class doesn't teach the most important skills like evaluating investment opportunities, determining market values, or negotiating contracts. They can only be learned on the street through hard work, a thirst for knowledge, and experience. You might be able to learn about client dedication and work ethic, but I believe they have more to do with natural personality. Colleen eats, sleeps, and breathes real estate! She takes your call when that perfect home pops up for sale knowing you'll lose the opportunity if she doesn't act quickly. Sellers can find plenty of agents that will tell them exactly what they hope to hear, but then get bad "price drop" news later after the contract is signed and the listing becomes stale. Colleen doesn't play games! She takes time upfront to really understand her client's property, goals, and comparable sales to help determine a realistic true market value and listing price. Colleen's experience goes far beyond the typical agent just helping others buy and sell. She has invested in and managed many properties herself personally over the years, so she's able to pass along real-life tips and tricks about what works and what doesn't. As a long-time Mortgage Banker, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Colleen and her crew as like-minded high-level service professionals for many years, so I can say with confidence, you will feel very fortunate to have her on your team!

by Mark Mitchell, Ross Mortgage
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